“Oh, are you gonna blog me?”

Today has been one of those days where everything has been divided up in 2 hour chunks and I can’t get anything done!!!! AHHHH!! The tension is building, my stress level is rising and my patience is gone. I am at a red! RED! I am screaming inside. As if my child breathes too loudly, I might explode. And poor little guy, it is not his fault.

We left the house at 6:55 am to walk to the bus stop and it has been madness since then. Vet visit, piano lessons, dentist appointment. Holiday gifts to wrap, homework, reading, piano practice (which takes extra effort on my part because his disability leads to difficulty focusing), a play date to arrange, dinner to prepare, the hour of physical therapy that my screaming-with-pain knee needs.

Plus: a blog deadline, my company’s end of the year letter writing campaign (6 weeks late), a document to send a colleague (3 days late). A company newsletter to write and design, a website to update, urgent phone calls and emails to return. And tomorrow is supposed to be my last day of work as I try to time my work schedule with his school schedule so he isn’t home bored to tears while I am working all day!

And this is with me NOT dancing tonight. If I had class or rehearsal…¡olvídate! I would get absolutely NOTHING done.

I need 6-8 uninterrupted hours to get work done. I’m working full time on a part time schedule.

We arrive at the dentist office and I know my face is tied up in stress knots, with wrinkles being engraved into it. I look at Buddy and sigh. I take out my laptop and he asks me with a smile on his face “Oh, are you gonna blog me?”

Too cute. If I wasn’t so stressed out, I’d smile.


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