“Isn’t that right Roberto?” *

It was the summer of 2015 when Buddy became my scene partner.

A colleague of mine offered a free acting workshop that met for a few hours once a week. Knowing that I was going to work with a theater company the following season, I decided to take the workshop to learn the actors process.

We were assigned scene work, and guess what? I cannot memorize lines! Let me re-phrase that; I have an extremely difficult time memorizing lines when movement is not attached to them. I have performed and choreographed pieces with spoken word, but just memorizing a script, that is too much for me! My brain doesn’t think that way.

I found a solution in my seven-year-old son. I figured, the words on the scripts were simple and easy. I remembered Buddy needed to practice his reading over the summer. I knew I needed to memorize my lines. And that is how Buddy became my scene partner.


We practiced lines at home and in the car on the way to and from summer school. He would hold the sheet and read the lines while I said mine. And he would correct me every time I made a mistake. He even read as the character Pedro in an early version of the play “Ghosts of Lote Bravo” by Hilary Bettis. The play was making its world premiere during the upcoming season at my colleague’s theater company, and an early version of the script was being used in the workshop. I was assigned an age appropriate scene and decided to practice my lines with Buddy.  He was so excited about the part that he came to the final day of the workshop to see performances of the various scenes from the play. He had the lines memorized better than I did! HE gave me a thumbs up and said I did a good job. What a cutie!

*Quote from the “Ghosts of Lote Bravo” by Hilary Bettis.

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