UPDATED: The Truth About Cheyenne, WY KOA: Pros & Cons


This post was originally published on October 14, 2021. On Monday February 21, 2022, we received an email from KOA with an update regarding the Cheyenne Campground. The email stated that “the Cheyenne campground in Wyoming is no longer a KOA Campground.” A brief google search revealed that the campground is permanently closed.

We are bummed. This was a really great KOA. We are glad we had the opportunity to film a Movement Postcard at the Greetings from Cheyenne Mural when we did.

The original article is below. We decided to keep it for archival purposes. But please note, this KOA is closed and therefore, the article is outdated.

Thank you all and happy travels!

We arrived at the Cheyenne, WY KOA Journey at the end of the second day of our July family road trip to South Dakota. That day, we left Las Vegas, NM, drove through Colorado, and pulled into Cheyenne in the late afternoon. After stopping at a few nearby stores to stock up on supplies, we found our way to the KOA ready for another night of tent camping.

After a good experience, Buddy and I are sharing our Pros and Cons for camping at the Cheyenne, WY KOA Journey.

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  • Friendly Staff

It was busy when we arrived at the campground with many families checking in at once. Nonetheless, the staff was friendly and kind. Despite being busy, they took the time to hop on the golf card and show us to our tent site.  

  • Space

We loved that the tent sites were a bit more spread out than the location we stayed at the night before. It was nice to have some space of our own. Well as much space as you can get in a completely booked KOA in the middle of summer!

  • Greetings from Cheyenne Mural

We loved the Greetings from Cheyenne mural. In fact, we like the mural so much that we filmed one of our Movement Postcards at the mural. The Mural is colorful and fun. It is a great stop for selfies or to capture a picture to send home to family and friends. Buddy says “Yea, I agree.”

Buddy in grey stands in front of a brown wall with a yellow, blue, and red Greetings from Cheyenne mural at the Cheyenne, WY KOA.
Buddy in front of the Greetings from Cheyenne Mural
  • Private & Clean Shower Stalls

This KOA had single one person shower stalls. The showers were located near the bathroom entrances rather than inside the bathrooms. I really liked the privacy of having a single shower stall all to myself. Side note: The KOA had good hot water.

  • Quiet

Despite being completely full of families on vacation, the campground was very quiet at night. Everyone respected quiet hours. It was very calm and peaceful both in the evening and the following morning.

  • Cute Mini Golf

The Cheyenne KOA has a very cute mini golf set up. Buddy and I were charmed by the set up. Some of the holes included a Saloon, a Livery, and a Bank that was being robbed. Although we wanted to play a round of mini golf, we did not get the chance. There were a few families playing and others waiting. Maybe next time!

Cheyenne, wY Koa Depot Plaza mini golf. A hole with green turf, a wood miniature rail road bridge, and a sign that reads Cheyenne Depot Plaza.
Cheyenne KOA Mini Golf



  • Noise from the Freeway

The KOA is located very close to Interstate 80. Sleeping in a tent near I-80 means that you hear Every. Single. Truck. Big Rig. Semi. Passing by at all hours of the night. If you are a light sleeper like I am, I highly recommend earplugs or noise canceling headphones. These are our favorite noise canceling headphones. Although I must admit, they aren’t ideal for sleep! Buddy says “Yea, my mom and I love our XM3s and XM4s. We wear them every day to work or do homework. They have good noise canceling and sound.”


  • Small bathrooms

As much as we loved the private showers, we do have to admit it is kind of cozy in there. Also, the bathroom itself, although clean and up to date, it is a bit of a squeeze at times. Especially when there are a handful of people in there getting ready in the mornings. The stalls and sinks fill up quickly and there is a lot of dancing around each other.

Yvonne taking a bathroom selfie at the Cheyenne, WY KOA with a blue towel around her shoulders and hair in a bun. The selfie shows the mirrors, stalls, and some of the sinks.
Yvonne’s Bathroom selfie


Buddy says, “The Cheyenne KOA was good. I enjoyed setting up the tent.”

Speaking of the tent, before our trip I read that there can be high winds at this campsite. For that reason, I purchased these Eurmax multiuse heavy-duty steel tent stakes just for the Cheyenne KOA. Luckily, we did not need them in Cheyenne. However, the stakes did come in handy later in the trip when we tent camped in Badlands National Park.

Also, the tent site was gravel. For a more comfortable sleep, I bought three Coleman self-inflatable camping pads with pillow. I love the fact that they are self-inflatable. However, we learned that some of the pads inflate more than others. It might take some letting the air out after the pad is inflated to find the amount of air that works best for your comfort. Buddy and I didn’t use the inflatable pillows. We brought our pillows from home for the car ride. Chava, however, did inflate the pillow on the first night of our trip. He did not to inflate the pillow again. The pillow does not self-inflate.

And yes, there was free WIFI. Our tent site was a bit far from the office which made the signal a bit spotty for us.

Overall, our time at the KOA was short, we only stayed for one night. But it was a good experience. We would stay again, and we would recommend it to a friend.

Have you visited the Cheyenne, WY KOA Journey? If so, what are your pros and cons? Let us know in the comments below!

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