5 Great Tips for Visiting The Neon Museum

Are you visiting Las Vegas and are you looking for unique an off the strip experience to do with your family? Do you love learning about the unique histories of the places you visit? If so, visiting the Neon Museum is for you! And we are happy to share our top 5 tips for visiting the Neon Museum!

This one-of-a-kind museum is home to some of the most iconic neon signs in the world. The Neon Museum, dedicated to the city’s historic signs, is a must-see! This museum is a great Vegas nighttime experience for families, especially those traveling with teens and older children. During a recent family road trip to Las Vegas, Buddy and I visited the museum and we loved it! With these tips, we hope you do too!

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The Neon Museum provided us with 50% off discounted tickets for our visit, however all views and opinions expressed in this post are our own and based on our first-hand experiences.

A neon sign against a dark sky. A cowboy smoking a cigarette with a thumb up sits on top of an M. tips for visiting the neon museum. MPA Project Travels.
Vegas Vic atop a neon sign at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

The details

The Neon Museum is located at 770 Las Vegas Blvd N in Las Vegas, Nevada near the downtown area.  Opening daily at 4pm, the museum offers parking across the street from the Visitor’s Center, which happens to be the iconic La Concha Motel lobby.

Visitors will learn more about the historical importance the La Concha Motel lobby and its famous architect Paul Revere Williams, during their visit. For the most up-to-date information, or a sneak peek about the history of the La Concha Visitors’ Center,® check out the website.

Top 5 Tips for Visiting The Neon Museum

1. Choose your experience

The Neon Museum offers different types of tickets for different experiences that take place during different times. For example, they offer daytime general admission self-guided tours through the incredible collection of vintage neon signs. And they also offer nighttime guided tours, nighttime guided tours in Spanish, tickets to the Brilliant! Jackpot show, they even offer helicopter tours! 

If you are visiting to get that selfie, the Neon Museum offers a Photo Walk and a Portrait Hour for all your photography needs! And depending on when you visit, you may be in town during one of their special events. Check out the website and choose the experience (and ticket!) that works best for you and your family.

What we chose

When we visited, Buddy and I chose the The Neon Museum Double the Glow Experience that included both the Guided Tour and the Brilliant! Jackpot. I am glad that we did both events that night! I was a truly fun experience.

But don’t take my word for it. This is what Buddy has to say about his time at the Neon Museum.

“I liked the guided tour. It was pretty astonishing to see all neon signs. And how they told the story about Vegas. It kind of made me want to learn more about the history of Vegas and the neon signs as well. And Brilliant! was kinda cool. It was kinda cool to see the old signs come back to life. I recommend it. My favorite thing about Brilliant! was that the lights were synched to the music.” – Buddy

I thought Brilliant! was phenomenal! I really enjoyed looking at the videos of historical Las Vegas as a part of the show and part of the experience. I also enjoyed the artistry that went into recreating the signs as if they were lit up. And I liked the music, the soundtrack was great, and they had their playlist on Spotify so you can download it after the show.

The tour was also very well done and very informative. I liked listening to the stories and learning about the people behind those iconic Las Vegas signs.

A large sign spells out the word STAR in white letters surrounded by yellow borders. A smaller red sign that reads Banquet Room sits below the STAR sign on the floor. tips for visiting the neon museum. MPA Project Travels.
Signs lit up using projection at The Neon Museum’s Brilliant!

Even though we did the nighttime guided tour and Brilliant! Together, they can be purchased separately. So, you can just see Brilliant! or do the guided tour. Whatever suits your fancy!

2. Book your tickets in advance

The Neon Museum is very popular. As such, it tends to sell out.  Avoid the disappointment of being turned away at the door and buy your tickets early. Tickets can be purchased online at the Museum’s website.

So chose the experience that most interests you and book your tickets in advance!

When we visited, I booked our tickets in advance online and I am glad that we did because we did see some visitors turned away at the door. Turns out our tour was sold out!

3. If taking a guided tour, time your tour for the darkness of night

If you choose to do a guided tour, make sure to plan your visit so you visit the boneyard when it is dark. That way, you can see the neon signs fully lit up against the darkness of the night sky! The signs, many of which have been carefully and lovingly restored to their former glory, are even more spectacular at night.

A giant genie lamp covered in light bulbs sits on a gravel floor outdoors in front of a hand full of unlit neon signs. tips for visiting the neon museum. MPA Project Travels.
The Neon Museum’s boneyard at twilight.

When we visited, we did the 8pm tour. In June at 8pm in Las Vegas it was still twilight and hues of blues, orange, and pink lit up the desert sky. Twilight lasted until about halfway through the tour. And once it was dark, the signs really came to life! If I could do one thing differently, I would book a later tour so I could experience all the signs in the dark.

Please note that visitors opting for a self-guided tour do not have the option to time a visit at night since these tours are only offered during the day.

4. Read and follow the rules

For the safety of all visitors, the Neon Museum has very specific rules in place regarding videos, photos and event attire like shoes and clothing. To avoid disappointments, make sure that you read the rules thoroughly prior to your visit. The rules can be found on the website and will also be mailed to you after you purchase your tickets.

A colorful neon sign that features aliens, space ships, three large seahorses spraying water, tanks, and the words Area 51 Motel. tips for visiting the neon museum. MPA Project Travels.
Neon sign from Area 51 Motel at The Neon Museum

Buddy says, “The rules that I remember is that you cannot get off the path and you cannot touch the lights.”

The rules that stuck out to me were that you must wear closed toed shoes and cannot film any videos. And because we could not film any videos, there is no Movement Postcard from The Neon Museum. However, we did film a Movement Postcard at the Bliss Dance statue in Las Vegas.

5. Check out the activities for families

The Neon Museum offers STEAM Saturdays every second Saturday from 10am-noon. In addition to this daytime in person activity, they also offer free activities online. Visit the education tab on their website for crafts and coloring pages inspired by the iconic signs housed in the museum’s collection.

A white long sleeve button up shirt with a smiley face glows white upon a purple circle. tips for visiting the neon museum. MPA Project Travels.
The Happy Shirt neon sign at The Neon Museum

Bonus tips for visiting The Neon Museum

Yvonne’s Tips

  • Las Vegas is in the desert and temperatures in the desert can get very hot, especially during the summer months. The Neon Museum is outdoors. Make sure you dress accordingly for Vegas’ hot weather. But remember to wear close toed shoes.
  • Tip your tour guide! If you take a guided tour, remember to tip your guide. Have those cash tips ready at the end of the tour!

Buddy’s Tips

  • Don’t touch the signs.
  • Listen to what the guides have to say.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to have a great time at the Neon Museum!

A neon sign with the word "yucca" in green and a neon yucca plant on top in green and white stands tall in the the foreground in front of discarded and unlit signs. tips for visiting the neon museum. MPA Project Travels.
The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

I definitely recommend visiting the Neon Museum during your next trip to Las Vegas! The museum is a local non-profit, which I absolutely love! It feels great when I get the opportunity to support local businesses and non-profits during our travels. I also felt great supporting an organization that is preserving the history of Vegas. It was lovely to know that we are investing in a local arts organization.

And Buddy says, “I do recommend the Neon Museum for teenagers, especially if you are into lighting and into Vegas history itself. And yes, I would go back and visit again.”

Have you ever visited the Neon Museum in Las Vegas? Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas soon? Let us know in the comments below!

Do you have questions about family travel or traveling with teens? Feel free to reach out! We are happy to chat and share our experiences! We look forward to connecting with you.

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