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Yvonne & Buddy create family travel blogs based on firsthand knowledge and experiences of a destination. This adventurous mother and son duo write from a unique dual perspective on family travel featuring the experiences of both Yvonne & Buddy. Their goal is to inspire families to share time together engaging in new experiences whether the destination is near or far from home.

MPA Project Travels family travel blog is honest, straight-forward, and based on personal experiences. We focus on family travel with teens!

A woman in dark sun glasses with a brown side braid sits in the passenger seat in a car. Behind her is a kid with glasses holding a white pillow in the back middle seat of a car surrounded by blankets, food, and toys. Yvonne & Buddy. MPA Project Travels Family Travel Blog.


Yvonne is a mother who loves to travel! She enjoys trying new food and learning about the history and culture of a new places.  Her love of traveling began during the long road trips she took with her family across the Southwest deserts of New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and California as a child. She has been traveling ever since! After becoming a mom, she brought Buddy along for the adventures.


Buddy is a high schooler who loves his cat.  He likes long road trips and traveling by plane. Buddy was 4 months old when he took his first road trip to visit Grand Canyon National Park and Albuquerque, NM. He has not stopped traveling since! Traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally to Europe and Latin America, his favorite destinations are New York City and London.

Do you have questions about family travel or traveling with teens? Feel free to reach out! We are happy to chat and share our experiences! We look forward to connecting with you.

What does MPA stand for?

Great question! MPA = Motherhood and the Performing Arts. The Motherhood and the Performing Arts (MPA) Project was founded in 2016 by Yvonne and Buddy as a mother and child performing arts project.

Why the performing arts?

Another great question! Yvonne is a choreographer who works in contemporary dance (you can check out her dance work here). And Buddy is a musician who sings with the internationally touring Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus. He also plays the piano and the baritone.

Wait, travel and the performing arts?

We know, it might seem like a stretch. But, the performing arts and travel very connected. Many performing artists travel for work touring performances. Or journeying to new places to create work at artist in residencies. More about our origin story can be found below!

A collage of photos showing Yvonne and Buddy at various destinations around the world. Buddy's age changes in the different photos and so does his height. The collage background is white with the title MPA Project Travels in black. Family Travel blog

Why write about family travel?

Travel was a part of the MPA Project from the beginning. In the first months of the project, Yvonne & Buddy went on tour to Las Vegas, NV and did a family artist in residency at SPACE on Ryder Farm in Brewster, NY. Also, travel has also been a constant theme in the MPA Project because Yvonne travels a lot for her job in the performing arts.

Shifting the MPA Project to MPA Project Travels allows Yvonne & Buddy to spend more time together. It also is a space where the duo can reflect on their shared journeys while sharing experiences with you.

In homage to the project’s dance roots, Yvonne & Buddy film Movement Postcards, or short dance films, at most places they visit.

Come join them on their travels!

How It Began

The Motherhood and the Performing Arts (MPA) Project began in 2016 as a mother and child multidisciplinary art project. The project explored the joys and challenges of juggling motherhood and a career in the performing arts. The original project had three components: 1) An earring collection, 2) Reflections a dance film created in collaboration with Dominic AZ Bonuccelli, 3) and a Blog.

In 2020, the dance film component of the MPA Project was folded into Stories from Home: COVID-19 Addendum, a series of dance films inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic that explored the themes of family, love, and isolation

It was then that Yvonne and Buddy decided to shift the focus of the MPA Project Blog to their love of travel, creating MPA Project Travels a family travel blog.

A woman in a teal shirt with dark sun glasses and a teenage boy with a blue sweatshirt with black sleeves and glasses stand in front to of a canyon made of yellow and green rocks. MPA Project Travels. Family Travel Blog.
MPA Project Travels creators Yvonne & Buddy at Artist Palette in Death Valley


MPA Project Travels

Hello! We are Yvonne & Buddy and we create family travel blogs based on firsthand knowledge and experiences of a destination. Our goal is to inspire teens, parents, and families to share time together engaging in new experiences whether the destination is near or far from home. Come join us on our travels!

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