Attending A Dallas Cowboys Football Game: An Easy Guide For First Timers

Are you a big National Football League football fan looking to catch a game while in Dallas? If so, then attending a Dallas Cowboys football game is the perfect activity for you! Whether you are a diehard Dallas Cowboys football fan, a fan from a rival team, or fun-loving traveler looking for a good time on a Sunday afternoon in Texas, here are some tips for first timers. After a fun Thanksgiving football game, Buddy and I share 10 tips for attending a Dallas Cowboy Football Game: An Easy Guide for First Timers.

First and foremost, this is not meant to be an extensive or exhaustive guide to visiting AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas where the Dallas Cowboys play. From tours to art exhibits, there are so many things to do and see at the stadium, and not just on game day. We couldn’t include it all in one post! So, we won’t be covering everything there is to know. But we are including some tips that we would have found helpful to know before attending a game.

Secondly, to all our international friends, yes, this post about football is about to American football and the NFL.

Photos of the field in AT&T Stadium. attending a Dallas Cowboys game MPA Project Travels

This is not a paid promotion. We are writing this blog because we are family travel bloggers and we attended a game and are fans of the Dallas Cowboys. All views and opinions expressed here are our own. All photos are our own and remain the copyright of MPA Project Travels.

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The details

’bout them Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys football team is considered America’s Team (sorry fans of other NFL teams!).

Established in 1960, the Dallas Cowboys are an American Football team that plays in the National Football League’s National Football Conference or NFC East division. The Cowboys won five Super Bowls, with notable winning streaks in the 1970s and the 1990s. Their team colors are blue, metallic silver, royal blue, and white. And the logo is the blue and white star. Fun fact about the Dallas Cowboys, they are one of two football teams that play a home game every Thanksgiving.

In addition to their notoriety as America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys are also known for their famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders perform at each home game.

Full disclosure, I was born and raised a Dallas Cowboy fan. My dad was a HUGE fan, and I grew up watching Cowboy games every Sunday as a child. In fact, I think every Thanksgiving I have watched the Dallas Cowboys play football. Keeping with tradition, I am raising Buddy to be a Dallas Cowboy fan like my family. So far, Buddy has attended three Dallas Cowboy games, two at AT&T Stadium and one at Cardinals stadium in Arizona.

Buddy says, “I was excited for this game! It has been a while since I’ve went to an NFL game in person!”

About AT&T Stadium

Yvonne and a much younger Buddy stand near the blue and white Dallas Cowboys star on the 50 yard line in AT&T Stadium. attending a Dallas Cowboys game MPA Project Travels
Buddy attending his first Dallas Cowboys football game

AT&T Stadium is in Arlington, Texas in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. About a 30-minute drive from both Dallas and Fort Worth, AT&T Stadium was built in 2009 and is owned by the City of Arlington. The stadium seats around 80,000 people and is home to many Cowboys Pro Shops, concession stands, Ford Trucks, and fine art. In fact, the stadium has such a robust art collection, that visitors can take a guided art tour of the stadium.

Visitors to the Dallas Fort Worth area can take a tour of AT&T Stadium before game day. The stadium also has an app where visitors can find information about bag policy, parking, tours, events, and game day activities.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the AT&T Stadium website.

For Buddy’s first game at AT&T Stadium we took a tour of the stadium. Our favorite part was walking to the 50-yard line and standing on the star in the middle of the field. During our most recent trip, we did not do a stadium tour. Although Buddy doesn’t quite remember the first tour and said that he would want to do the tour again. And I would be interested in the art tour of the stadium.

Buddy says,AT&T stadium is a really cool place to be in, and there are many cool aspects of the stadium. I would recommend touring the stadium if you plan on going.”

Getting Dallas Cowboy tickets

If you are interested in attending a Dallas Cowboys football game, the best way to get tickets to a Cowboys game is through the team’s official website. From there, you can decide if you want to purchase single game tickets, season tickets, suites, or standing room only tickets. That’s right! The Dallas Cowboys offer a limited number of SRO or Standing Room Only tickets. Visitors with SRO tickets can stand and watch the game in one of six decks inside AT&T Stadium. Space is first come first serve, so if you get a standing room only ticket, you may want to arrive at AT&T Stadium early to get the best view.

Buddy and I are very fortunate because we have family members who have season tickets. (Yes, my family are huge Cowboys fans). On our recent visit, we were gifted seated tickets. (Thanks Mom and Tim!). But we aren’t always gifted tickets when we visit. For Buddy’s first game, which was a playoff game, we bought tickets online through the website.

Large outdoor artwork at AT&T Stadium. attending a Dallas Cowboys game MPA Project Travels
Art at AT&T Stadium. Can you see us?

10 tips for attending a Dallas Cowboys football game

1. Download the Dallas Cowboys app

If you are attending a Dallas Cowboys football game, downloading the Dallas Cowboys app is a must! The app has two settings, a game day for fans attending watching the game live, and a casual setting for fans at home. On the game day version of the app, visitors can find interactive stadium maps, information about bag policies, tour information, ride share information. Fans can even order food to be delivered to their seats from the app!

During our recent trip to AT&T stadium, I found the app to be very helpful. It was my first time using the app at a game and I love the convenience of it. Especially the ability to have food delivered directly to our seats in the app (more on that in the next tip).

In addition to the app, I also appreciated the email sent the day of the game detailing the game schedule. This included the times parking lots and stadium entrances opened as well as ride share information.

2. Order food from your seat at AT&T Stadium

If you are hungry during the game but do not want to miss a single play, use the app to order food delivered to your seat!

Ordering food from your seat is very convenient. You don’t miss the game and you don’t have to fight the lines and crowds in the concession area. However, if you are going to order from your seat, plan so that you only order once. This is to avoid getting charged multiple service fees. And of course, tip your server.

Also, if you do order from your seat, know that there are some things available on the app that are not on the concession stands in your area. Likewise, there may be food items in your area that are not available on the app.

Sal preferred to walk around the stadium to see what each concessions stand offered on different levels. However, I enjoyed the convenience of ordering from my seat. I loved that we could order a Thanksgiving pie from the app, given that we attended the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving, and I wanted some Thanksgiving food. The Thanksgiving Pie was not available at the concession stands in our area. However, some of the standard American concessions stand food that Buddy wanted (think Frito Pie, chili cheese dogs, and cheeseburgers) were not on the app menu.

Buddy says,Ordering food from your seat is a good idea, especially when there is time when there are a lot of people around. For example, pregame and halftime.”

A teenage boy with black glasses, a black jacket, and a blue shirt stands in the rain in front of AT&T Stadium. attending a Dallas Cowboys game MPA Project Travels
Buddy attending his most recent Dallas Cowboys football game

3. Where to stay near AT&T Stadium

There are many hotel options in Arlington, TX where AT&T Stadium is located. In and around the area, visitors can find accommodations in various price ranges that best suits their budget. And many hotels in and around Arlington are used to fans traveling in to attend a Dallas Cowboy Football Game. In fact, some hotels even offer the Arlington Trolley with service to nearby attractions. More on that later!

When we visited, we stayed at a hotel in Arlington just north of AT&T Stadium. It was a quick hop on and off the freeway to Dallas and Fort Worth and close to all of Arlington’s attractions.

If you are planning a trip to the Dallas Fort Worth area, click here for accommodations!

Pro Tip!

While Arlington boasts many well-known chain restaurants, especially in the area near the theme parks and stadiums, for some good food, eat local! Visitors with a car can drive 5 minutes away from the touristy area and find some really great food at local joints. When we visited, we ate some great Tex Mex and Texas barbeque at local restaurants.

4. Getting to AT&T Stadium

The general consensus online is that the best way to get to AT&T Stadium is by car. Yes, if you are coming from farther out than Arlington, a car is your best bet.

However, depending on how close your hotel is to the stadium, walking might be a good option. Many of the bridges in Arlington have dedicated pedestrian walkways. Arlington also has easily walkable sidewalks. So, if the weather is nice and you have some comfortable shoes, you can walk to the game.

If you prefer traveling by car, here are options!

  • The Arlington Trolley. Most hotels near the stadium offer a shuttle service to AT&T Stadium and other nearby attractions including Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, and Globe Life Field where the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team plays. For most up-to-date information including prices and routes, visit the Arlington Trolley website or call your hotel.
  • Ride share. While AT&T Stadium has a lot dedicated to ride share pick up and drop offs, this does not seem to be the most efficient way to get to the stadium. With long waits and challenges navigating pre- and post-game traffic, ride shares can be a challenging way to get to the game.
  • Your car. Yes, you can drive your car, but you will have to pay for parking. And the parking around AT&T stadium on game day is not cheap! So, budget accordingly.

Pro Tip

If you are driving your own car, get to the parking lot early. This way you beat traffic and you can tail gate! Or, if you are like me, admire the set ups of the seasoned tailgaters!

During our most recent trip to AT&T Stadium, we planned on walking to AT&T Stadium as it was only a 45-minute walk from our hotel. Unfortunately, it poured the day we attended the game! It rained relentlessly! For that reason, we decided to drive. Luckily, with our gifted tickets, we were also gifted a parking pass. The parking lot was a 20-minute walk from the parking lot to AT&T Stadium in the rain. Speaking of rain…

5. Yes, you can take an umbrella into AT&T Stadium

If there’s even a chance of rain on the day of the game, be sure to bring an umbrella. And in case you experience rain on game day, yes you can take an umbrella in to AT&T Stadium. The umbrella must be a small umbrella that folds in when closed. And of course, if it is raining and you do not have an umbrella, you can buy a blue and white Dallas Cowboy umbrella at the Pro Shop. They were $25 the day we attended.

As I mentioned before, it rained heavily when we attended the Dallas Cowboy football game! We did bring an umbrella, but we left it in the car. I incorrectly assumed that umbrellas were not allowed in the stadium and did not check the app or do a quick google search before leaving the car and heading towards the pre-game festivities. That was a BIG mistake! We stood outside in the cold rain for 2 hours before the stadium opened. While Buddy and I had rain gear on, Sal forgot his rain jacket in Arizona and was soaked by the time the game started!

Buddy says, “Bring an umbrella and a rain jacket if it is raining! You will get wet and cold. Also, try to not be close to the doors, as roof water will fall on you. As it did fall on us.”

6. Check the AT&T Stadium policy for bags and signs

Bags are not permitted in AT&T Stadium. Before you visit you will want to check the website for up-to-date information regarding their clear bag and small clutch policy.

Handheld signs are permitted if they are in good taste and do not block anyone’s view. Check the website for up-to-date information regarding signs.

We did not bring any bags into AT&T Stadium when we attended the Dallas Cowboy football game. I managed to fit everything I needed for the day into my pockets using this small wallet. I attach the key chain to my belt pocket when wearing jeans.

Also, we didn’t make any homemade signs for this game either. Although in the past, when I attended games with my brothers, we made poster board size signs and bring them into the stadium. During this most recent game, we saw many cute home-made signs and flags (two from New Mexico – shout out to my fellow manito Cowboy fans!).

We also saw people dressed up as turkeys for Thanksgiving! We did not dress up as turkeys. But we did wear our Dallas Cowboys gear and sported some temporary Dallas Cowboy tattoos.

7. Visit the Miller Lite® House

A teenage boy in jeans with a blue dallas cowboys shirt stands on a turf end zone with a gray dallas cowboys helmet. attending a Dallas Cowboys game MPA Project Travels
Buddy at the Miller Lite® House

If you are not tailgating on your own but want some fun pre-game festivities, visit the Miller Lite® House. This tail gate boasts a walk-in beer cooler, a 70-yard turf football field, a beer garden, food trucks, screens for game watching. And both the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue dancers and drum lines also perform. The Miller Lite® House is also open after the game for post-game music and entertainment. Guests do need a game ticket for entry.

When we attended the Dallas Cowboy football game, we did not want to do our own tailgate (in the rain nonetheless!). But we did want to experience the Miller Lite® House tailgate. We arrived early to AT&T Stadium. However, because of where our seats were in the stadium, we made the mistake of entering through the AT&T Plaza and not the Miller Lite® House. Once we were in, we did not want to leave and walk around to the tail gate on the other side. It was a bummer though, because although there were some activities in AT&T Plaza, it was nothing like the Miller Lite® House.

We visited the Miller Lite® House after the game and we enjoyed the live music and DJ.

Buddy says, “It was pretty nice, good music was played, and many families were there as well!

8. Get to the Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium early

AT&T stadium is huge. And it will be crowded on game day. So, get there early to give yourself plenty of time to grab a bite, explore the stadium, and find your seat before kickoff. 

And a special note for all the SRO ticket holders, you will want to get there early for a good spot. Be warned, fans RUN in to get the best spot when the doors open, so be prepared! If you are not an SRO ticket holder and do not want to get caught up in the rush, take your time entering the stadium.

Eager to get out of the rain and enter AT&T Stadium as soon as possible, we got caught up in the SRO ticket holders rush into the stadium when the doors opened!

9. Check out the art and trucks

Before the game starts, you can walk around the stadium and take in the art. Or you can visit the Ford Cowboys Stadium Mezzanine and check out the vehicles on display and the elaborate fountains. There are tons of things to do at AT&T Stadium, so arrive early and enjoy yourself!

At this Dallas Cowboys football game, Sal and I journeyed up to the Ford Cowboys Stadium Mezzanine before the game to check out the trucks. Buddy did not want to leave his seat and miss the pregame on field activities.

10. Enjoy the Cowboy game

Win or lose, enjoy your time with your friends or family cheering for (or against) the Dallas Cowboys! Take in the sights, cheer on the team, do the wave, and maybe boo the refs depending on the penalties they call, and have a great time!

Buddy says, “I liked the game. I think kids my age would like the game too. Especially if they are football fans. It is fun to enjoy and fun for the family. It is a good game of football. I like the Dallas Cowboys, so I liked it. And they won!”

Well, they don’t always win but I am glad to continue a family tradition with Buddy that I began with my family as a child.

And we did not film a Movement Postcard at AT&T Stadium. We were too busy enjoying the game!

AT&T Stadium attending a Dallas Cowboys game MPA Project Travels

We hope you find this guide helpful in preparing for your first Dallas Cowboys game. Just remember to buy your tickets in advance, give yourself plenty of time to find your seat, and make sure you stay for all the traditions and pageantry that make attending a Cowboys game so special. Enjoy yourselves and Go Cowboys!

Are you an NFL Football fan? If so, who is your favorite team? Let us know in the comments below.

Do you have questions about family travel or traveling with teens? Feel free to reach out! We are happy to chat and share our experiences! We look forward to connecting with you.

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  1. Football is big in Canada. But until I saw my first football game in the U.S. I did not realize what a big deal seeing an NFL game would be! It is still on the list of things I want to share with my ex-football player son. This is a great guide to help people really get the most of seeing the Dallas Cowboys live. Very cool that you can order food from the app to your seat. We would definitely take in all there was to see and do.

  2. This is such a helpful post! I grew up going to NFL games with my dad (Go Cardinals!), so they are like second nature to me. However, they do require a lot of planning ahead (that sometimes I forget about!) so this is such a great guide for first timers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just attended the Raiders game in Vegas and had such a hard time navigating the pregame process. I brought a bag that wasn’t small enough, I didn’t download the stub hub app on my phone, it was a mess! These are good tips to know when going to football games. Thank you for sharing!

  4. As a Brit in Australia i’m used to either football (soccer) or AFL so NFL is completely new to me and I have never been to a game! But if I was every in the US or in Dallas, then I feel like it’s a must do! This is a useful guide for first timers, like I would be!

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