adidas for Travel: 5 Important Items for Your Trip

When it comes to travel, picking the right clothing and shoes can make all the difference. You need something comfortable and stylish that can withstand long walks (or hikes!), hours of sitting in planes and cars, and everything in between. This is where adidas comes in with their range of travel-friendly products for women. They offer everything from shoes to sports bras that cater to the needs of both functional and fashionable women. In this blog post, I will dive into the best adidas products for travel that every woman (and active mom!) needs in her suitcase.

Full Disclosure: We received gifted products from adidas that we are sharing in this blog post. All opinions expressed here are our own.

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What is adidas?

adidas is an international brand of athletics apparel, shoes, and sporting goods. The company is known worldwide for their signature three-stripe logo. This logo can be found on all adidas products in many creative variations.

Why we chose to review adidas products?

As family travel bloggers, our mission is to provide helpful information for traveling families based on firsthand knowledge and experiences. This mission is not only for the destinations that we visit, but also for the products that we use and review. We only review products that we actually use and places that we have personally visited.

When adidas invited us to join the adidas blogger community, we did not hesitate to say yes. Buddy and I knew immediately that this was a perfect product for us to review. This is because adidas is Buddy’s favorite brand of shoes and clothing. He was already wearing adidas on our travels and hikes. So, it was a no-brainer to say yes to reviewing these products.

That said, as a mom who is more of a jeans and a T-shirt kind of gal, I did not own any adidas products prior to joining the blogger community. Trying new shoes and clothing out on trips was fun and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how perfect the brand is for travel – especially the shoes! But more on that later. So here it is, from one traveling woman and working mom to the next, the some of the best adidas products for travel.

A new pair of black and white adidas shoes sit on top of a white shoe box with black letters that read adidas. All of this is on top of a wood table. MPA Project Travels.
My adidas

Best adidas for travel: A review for traveling women (and moms!)

1. Shoes

adidas is known for their high-quality shoes. And there are so many to choose from! From sneakers to soccer cleats, to volleyball shoes, to hiking shoes, adidas has so many shoes to choose from! And adidas shoes come in a variety of colors to suit everyone’s unique style. Basically, when it comes to comfortable shoes for travel, there is something for everyone.

For hiking

For those who are more adventurous and enjoy hiking, adidas has hiking shoes for you! For me, the TERREX AX4 Hiking Shoes were a great choice. They provide excellent support and grip, making them perfect for tackling any terrain.

Since I purchased the TERREX AX4 Hiking Shoes in early August, I wore them to hike at Petroglyph National Monument Volcanoes Trail, Bandelier National Monument, and Deer Trap Mesa Trail in New Mexico. The shoes were great. They provided excellent arch and ankle support, and they kept me steady on trails where fellow hikers were slipping and sliding on fragile soil. Also, I had no issues breaking them in. I like these shoes and definitely recommend them for hiking. The only drawback is that they are a bit bulky for my liking and do take up a lot of space in suitcases.

For walking

For the casual traveler, adidas sneakers and walking shoes are a good option. The QT Racer 3.0 Shoes on the other hand are perfect for travel! This running shoe is lightweight, sleek, and comfortable. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can match them with any outfit.

I wore the QT Racer 3.0 Shoes when I visited Washington, D.C. with my dance company for a week of work at the nation’s capital. The shoes were perfect – they were lightweight and provided all-day comfort during all the walking that I did around D.C. The shoes are sleek and soft. It is like walking on little pillows. And best of all, the shoes fit great! I was a bit concerned because I did not break in the shoes before traveling to D.C., a mistake that I know can lead to blisters. But I did not need to worry! The shoes fit perfectly, and I had no issues with blisters.

Best of all, the shoes are sleek and lightweight and easily fit into a suitcase or carryon. They are perfect for travel!

A woman in a black shirt with a black purse and jeans and a sun hat stands next to a teen dressed in black with glasses. They stand on cooled volcanic rock with brown land and mountains in the distance. Both wearing adidas shoes. MPA Project Travels.
Yvonne & Buddy in adidas shoes atop the Black Volcano at Petroglyph National Monument

2. Hoodies

In addition to shoes, adidas also offers some great clothing items that are perfect for travel. Traveling with a hoodie in the winter is essential for comfort on the days you will be sitting in cars, planes, and trains for hours and hours on end. adidas has a large selection of colors and styles of comfortable hoodies for your next trip!

I chose the adidas adicolor Adicolor Essentials Fleece Hoodie as my sweatshirt of choice. This is because of the small logo and the kangaroo or hoodie pocket that I could use to keep my hands warm. It is soft and comfortable, making it perfect for the plane or long car rides. It also comes in several colors, so you can match it with the rest of your outfit.

Since I got this hoodie, I wore it in Socorro, NM, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and it kept me warm when I visited the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with my family in October. The sweatshirt is warm, comfortable, and stylish. It is so stylish in fact that Buddy took it out of my closet and wore on a day I was packing for a trip to San Francisco. I went crazy looking for my sweatshirt until he came home from school wearing it. I know I made a good style choice when my teenage son took my sweatshirt out of my closet!

How does it pack? Well, it is a sweatshirt, so it does take up some space in the suitcase. But it takes up a lot less space than some of my sweaters.

3. Sports bras

Okay, admittedly sports bras are not a must for travel. But, if you are an avid hiker, like I am, packing a sports bra or two for some travel hiking adventures is essential. If you are looking for a sports bra that provides both support and comfort, adidas has an excellent range of sports bras to choose from.

I chose the Running Medium-Support Seamless Merino Wool Bra and the Powerimpact Training Medium-Support Bra.

Specifically, I chose this bra for long hikes as merino wool is my preferred fabric for all things hiking. This sports bra is perfect for hikes and long walks. I wore it the day we hiked Bandelier National Monument, and Deer Trap Mesa Trail in New Mexico. It was comfortable and moisture wicking.

On the other hand, I chose the Powerimpact Training Medium-Support Bra for extra support for more intense workouts. And the sports bra does offer extra support. It is also comfortable and made with breathable materials, so you won’t need to worry about getting too hot.

Both bras pack nicely. It is a great choice for travelers looking to hike or break a sweat while on their trip.

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4. Something a bit more stylish

If you are looking for something more stylish, adidas has you covered! Really? Really.

I thought adidas was only athletic wear, but then I came across some more stylish items. So, I splurged and got myself the Blue Version Knit Sweater. I loved the color and the look and the fact that it could be versatile and would pair nicely with jeans, a pair of slacks, or even some leggings.

So far, I wore the sweater with a tank underneath) to a nice dinner with dance colleagues in San Francisco. And I plan on wearing it to a performing arts conference in New York and pairing it with red slacks and a red scarf. Unfortunately, I did not think to take a selfie while wearing the sweater, so there is no photo.

But, I felt cute and a little sexy. Who would have known that sleek and stylish look would come from adidas? And this sweater rolls up nice and tight to fit in your suitcase.

5. Pants and jackets

Full disclosure, I have not yet tried out an adidas pants and jackets while traveling yet. But, from the looks of their website, and what I hear from Buddy who did get a couple of pants and jackets, they are lightweight and comfortable! And they are perfect for layering. I see Buddy layering his adidas jacket (and adidas sweatshirts) all the time. With so many different styles and colors available, you can look stylish and feel comfortable no matter where your travels take you.

An orange cat in a gray carrier sits on the lap of a person in blue jeans wearing adidas. MPA Project Travels.
My cat and my adidas on a travel adventure.

adidas makes exchanges easy

One of the best things about adidas is their easy and hassle-free exchanges. This is very important for travelers ordering clothes online. Even if you do measure and follow the sizing guide, sometime things do not fit. adidas makes it easy to exchange products for different sizes.

Buddy and I ordered all our adidas products online. And I originally ordered the Blue Version Knit Sweater in a size too big. But, exchanging it for the right size was easy. All I had to do was print the mailing information online and pop the box in the mail. Just make sure you keep the tags on and exchange withing the specified window of time.

Do we recommend adidas for travel?

Yes, adidas is an excellent brand to consider for your travel needs. Their shoes, sports bras, and clothing are all designed to cater to the needs of the modern traveler, whether you are exploring a new city or getting lost in nature. With their easy and hassle-free exchange, it’s easy to try everything on and pick the items that work best for you. If you are a woman who loves to travel, make sure to put adidas on your shopping list for your next adventure.

Admittedly, Buddy ordered more items from adidas than I did. This is because adidas is his favorite clothing brand, and as a growing teen, he needed more items than I did. So, stay tuned for his review from a teenage traveler’s perspective. And while Buddy wore his adidas for his Halloween costume this year, we have not yet filmed a Movement Postcard in our adidas. Maybe someday soon!

What is your go-to apparel for nice, functional, and comfy travel shoes and clothing? Let us know in the comments below! And happy travels!

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  1. Part of my packing dilemma is always about shoes. I want to have the right shoes for the things I am doing – which is often quite a mix. I always take at least one pair of “running” shoes – typically ones that have lots of cushion and are great for walking long distances. But your point about weight is a good one. Some of my older running shoes were so heavy. Glad weight has become an important factor in design for companies like Adidas.

  2. I love the brand Adidas athough most of the shoes I have are more casual trainers. I like the look of the qt racer 3.0 shoes, they make good walking and casual shoes to wear with jeans.

  3. I had no idea that adidas made hiking shoes, but that’s awesome! I tend to wear all my “bulkiest” things onto the plane to save luggage space, hehe. Sports bras are a must for me when I travel since I usually try to find hiking spots/adventures! :]

  4. I always try to travel with just the pair of shoes I wear to the airport and one other different type of shoe. Simple trainers are great for both walking and exploring while also serving as an athletic shoe if you need it for runs or easy hikes.

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