Traveling to Dante’s View in Death Valley? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Are you planning a trip to Death Valley National Park? If Dante’s View on your list of must-see locations, this is for you! After an afternoon visiting the stunning and beautiful scenic viewpoint, Buddy and I are sharing our top helpful tips for visiting Dante’s View in Death Valley.

Dante’s View is a scenic viewpoint located 5,475 feet (1,700 m) above Death Valley. From Dante’s View, the vision of the Death Valley and the surrounding mountains are absolutely stunning! Dante’s View definitely is a must-see place in Death Valley.

Overlooking a rocky into a large expansive brown valley with blue snow covered mountains in the background. dantes view. Dante's View in Death Valley National Park. MPA Project Travels.
View of Telescope Peak from Dante’s View in Death Valley National Park

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Visiting Dante’s View in Death Valley


Given its location off Highway 190, the road that leads to Pahrump and Las Vegas, Dante’s View is an easy first or last stop on your way to or from Las Vegas. If you are driving into Death Valley from Las Vegas, make sure to stop at the Information Station to pay the National Park Entrance Fee. The Information Station is located just east of Dante’s View Road on Highway 190.

Dante’s View Road is a 13.2-mile paved road. However, the National Park Service notes that the road is narrow and winding. The road is not recommended for vehicles longer than 25 feet. The entrance to Dante’s View Road is located on Highway 190. This is 12 miles east of Furnace Creek, the main town in Death Valley. Or on the way into Death Valley if traveling from Las Vegas by way of Pahrump.

After a slow and leisurely drive from Las Vegas to Death Valley National Park, Dante’s View was our first stop within the park. And it did not disappoint! Arriving around 2pm on a Thursday afternoon in March, we spent an hour and a half taking in the views, filming a Movement Postcard and exploring the area. The beautiful Dante’s View set the tone for what would be an incredible and memorable family road trip to Death Valley.

A pink colored cactus surrounded by brown rocks. Cactus at Dante's View in Death Valley National Park. MPA Project Travels.
Cactus at Dante’s View in Death Valley National Park

For visitors who are not road tripping to Death Valley, there are tours from Las Vegas that will take you to Dante’s View.

When to visit

Time of year

The best time to visit Death Valley is during the fall, winter, or spring months, before the heat kicks in. Visiting Death Valley during cooler months means that it is less likely that you will experience the high and sometimes deadly heat.

If you must visit during the summer months, please follow the precautions that you will find posted throughout the national park. Visit sites like Dante’s View in the early morning and carry plenty of water.

We visited Death Valley and Dante’s View during Buddy’s Spring Break in mid-March. The temperatures were in the mid to high 80s and perfect for an afternoon visit.

Time of day

The best time of day to visit Dante’s View is largely determined by the time of year you visit. For example, during the late spring, summer, and early fall, it is not recommended to visit mid-day because of the extreme heat. However, visiting mid-day in the winter, might be a good option. Especially on a chilly day.

We arrived at Dante’s View in Death Valley at 2pm. It was windy and the wind was chilly, but the temperature was nice. Aside from a very bright sun, it was good time to visit. However, if we were to visit again, I would arrive earlier in the day when the sun was not so high in the sky. It was very bright!

View of Death Valley and surrounding mountains in the distance. Wispy clouds above and batches of greenish-brown short and stubbly vegetation in the foreground. Dante View Death Valley. MPA Project Travels.
View of Death Valley from Dante’s View

What to bring


Depending on the time of year and time of day you visit, the temperatures might fluctuate during your time at Dante’s View in Death Valley. Also, there may be a breeze or a cloud that temporarily drops the temperature making the air a bit chilly. Wearing multiple layers, ensures that you can adjust your clothing for comfort while enjoying the lovely scenery at Dante’s View.

During our time at Dante’s View, the temperature fluctuated so much, it felt like we experienced two different seasons in one and a half hours! When the wind blew and it was cloudy, it was very chilly. That is when we layered with light jackets and sweatshirts.

Then the wind subsided, and the sun came out as we were climbing the steep hills in the area. We then felt warm and removed our outer layers. I thought it was a bit much bringing sweatshirts and jackets to Death Valley in March, but they were needed at Dante’s View and during the desert’s chilly mornings and evenings.

Sunscreen, a water bottle, and a hat

These are must haves for exploring anywhere, especially desert environments.

Sturdy shoes

Sturdy shoes are must if you plan on exploring the trails beyond the parking lot or Dante’s Ridge Trail. I wore my Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker Shoes and they held up nicely. I also have a pair of Merrell Women’s Siren Spork Hiking Shoe, which I equally love.

Overlooking a large expansive brown valley with blue snow covered mountains in the background. Dante's View in Death Valley National Park. MPA Project Travels.
Stunning Views from Dante’s View at Death Valley National Park

What to expect

Stunning views

Dante’s View is stunning! It is definitely worth the journey to see the vast expanse of desert valleys and mountains under an endless blue sky. The views are incredible.

Accustomed to desert landscapes, I did not expect to be wowed when we first arrived at Dante’s View. Nonetheless, all three of us were wowed by the beautiful desert views. During our visit, we saw birds flying among the cliffs below us. Watching the birds fly from above in the quiet of Death Valley, a silence only broken by the wind, was an unbelievable experience.

Steep trails

The trails leading out from the parking lot viewing area at Dante’s View are very steep. Most visitors journey up the trail to take in the views from the first hill. But the trail does continue out over a few more hills in the distance. The hills on this trail are very steep and quite a climb to go up and down. If traveling with littles, taking in the views from the overlook rather than journeying off on the steep hills is a good option.

A hill with a valley in the background. On the hill in the distance there are two men visible at the peak of the hilltop. Buddy and Sal on the trails of Dante's View looking out over Death Valley. MPA Project Travels.
Buddy and Sal on the trails of Dante’s View looking out over Death Valley.

During our time at Dante’s View in Death Valley, we followed the trail away from the parking area climbing up and down steep hills until the trail ended. Sal, the ultimate introvert, was eager to get away from people and experience the silence and solitude of Death Valley.

In our experience, most travelers who ventured out on the trail leading way from the parking lot and overlook, only climbed to the top of the first hill before turning around. If you want a bit of solitude during your visit to Dante’s View, it might just be one steep hill away!

Dante’s Ridge Trailhead

Dante’s View overlook is the beginning of the Dante’s Ridge Trailhead. Dante’s Ridge Trail is a 9 mile out and back path that heads north from the parking area towards Mount Perry. According to the National Park Service, there are no signs or trail markers for this trail and the path is unclear in a few places.

It is easy to distinguish this trail from that of the trails leading up the steep hills for the views, because Dante’s Ridge Trailhead seems to lead away from the stunning scenery. In fact, to access the trail, hikers must walk away from the parking lot on the side of the road in the opposite direction of the overlook.

If you plan on hiking Dante’s Ridge, download the trail map to your phone or bring a paper map with you. Phone service is spotty in Death Valley and most likely will not work in this area.

A brown dirt trail is carved into the side of a brown mountain with large rocks, A view of a valley is in the distance. The sky above is overcast with a light layer of clouds. Dante's Ridge Trail in Death Valley. MPA Project Travels.
Dante’s Ridge Trail in Death Valley

Always down for a good hike, we began hiking on Dante’s Ridge Trail. However, without a trail map and having not yet eaten lunch, we decided to turn around. Even during our very short trek along Dante’s Ridge, we can share that yes, the trail is unclear at times.

And on the trail, there are sudden drop offs in some places. I was a bit worried about Buddy taking a misstep and sliding down the mountain in some areas. This trail is definitely not for littles.

As we did not plan to take this hike, I did not have the trail map downloaded on my phone. In the future, I will download all the trail maps for the National Parks that we visit so that we are prepared the next time we wan to do another spontaneous hike.

Windy roads

Dante’s View Road is a fun drive! And it is also very windy. If you get carsick easily and are interested in visiting Dante’s View, please plan accordingly.

Dante’s View Road is windy! So much so that I opted not to give Buddy the snacks he was asking for right as we turned on to the road for fear of him getting carsick. Even though we usually eat on the road during road trips, on Dante’s View Road, I thought it was better safe than sorry!

A man in a black shirt and black shorts and a boy in a red sweatshirt holding a blue water bottle walk down a rock path towards a parking lot in the distance. Beyond the parking lot is a striking valley surrounded by mountains. Dante's View Parking Lot as seen from Dante's Ridge Trail in Death Valley. MPA Project Travels.
Dante’s View Parking Lot as seen from Dante’s Ridge Trail in Death Valley

Parking and facilities

Dante’s View Overlook has a paved overlook next to the parking lot. The overlook offers stunning views. Visitors do not need to venture off on the steep trails to enjoy the beauty of the Death Valley below. Dante’s View parking area is ample and with plenty of parking spaces. And there are facilities on the road to Dante’s View located right before you reach the parking lot.

Buddy in the distance on a hill top overlooking Death Valley. Dante's View. MPA Project Travels.

Buddy’s Tips

  • When walking on the hiking trails, there are steep ledges and sharp drop offs. So be careful where you are stepping and try your best not to trip.
  • Some parts of the trails near the overlook are very steep, both up and down. Make sure you bring hiking shoes if you are going to go on that trail.
  • You will see very amazing views of everything in Death Valley.

Can you find Buddy in this picture?

The stunning Dante’s View as our introduction to Death Valley was a memorable and wonderful experience. It was the perfect way to begin the trip!

Do you have questions about family travel or traveling with teens? Feel free to reach out! We are happy to chat and share our experiences! We look forward to connecting with you.

Have you visited Dante’s View? Are you planning a trip to Death Valley? If so, what are your must-sees? Let us know in the comments below!

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